From “Eras Tour” to “Travis Kelce,” 2023 Actually Happened for Taylor Swift

After the success of “Midnights” Taylor’s life took some beautiful turns and as expected she was named “TIME’s 2023 Person of the Year.

From night outs with girlfriends to cheering boyfriend Travis Kelce, we see frequent public appearances that put smiles on Swifties’ faces worldwide.

But do you know they started dating way before their first public appearance? In a recent interview, she mentioned his relationship with Travis saying “ It all started when he adorably put me on blast on his podcast”.

Travis also mentioned one of his interviews, “ I received a bunch of friendship bracelets at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and I wanted to give on to her with my number on it.” He also revealed that the cupids of their matchmaking were Taylor’s cousins who are huge fans of the two-time Super Bowl champions.”

Taylor further said in her interview “ We started hanging out after that and spent a lot of time that no one knew, which I am grateful because we got to get to know each other,”

Taylor’s previous relationship with Joe Alwyn ended in April 2023. This six-year romantic bond was madly admired by Swifties and also gave some incredible songs.
Including, Dress, Gorgeous, Call It What You Want, and many more.

Joe also co-wrote songs in Taylor’s albums Folklore, Evermore and “Midnights. This power songwriter couple only lasted for six years.

Well, I was expecting a little pause after this break-up because Taylor-Joe was forever for me, but “Love happens” and I am nothing but happy for her and also expecting a few recording-breaking songs about Travis to be honest.

However, the news says something more, this star couple is planning a baby. According to a source, “ Travis is too much into baby talk and Taylor is also onboard” Wow, I think the upcoming months will reveal more aspects of their love life, and adding a small foot to football championships and Grammys will be a game changer guess what, fans are already hoping to see a Tay-Trav baby boom.


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