Hacker Behind GTA 6 Is Sentenced While We Explored Interesting Details In GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 6 leaks are among the biggest open world games industry scandals. It happened back in September 2022 after months of Rockstar Games’ official announcement of the game. 

Arion Kurtaj, a British teen hacker illegally accessed Rockstar Games’ computer system. According to a GTA developer, this leak cost them around $5 million and hours of staff’s dedicated work. 

The leaks gave fans an early yet unexpected glimpse into the game. The leaks had a 53-minute video of the game, Showing Two protagonists with a criminal background and a Bonnie and Clyde-like relationship. GtA 6 leak also took us to the Vice City. Well, these things are now confirmed by the official trailer.

GTA 6 News: What Happened To Hacker?

The GTA 6 teenage hacker was found guilty by the UK jury in August but the sentence was delayed. Now, Finally, after years of chaos, Arion Kurtaj is sentenced to spend a lifetime in a secure hospital. 

The sentence is “an indefinite order” according to BBC’s Joe Tidy, so Arion Kurtaj will stay in the hospital until doctors deem him no longer a danger. The reason behind this is Jurtaj’s stubborn motivation and skills which can be of public risk as he reportedly said he would not stop. 

According to Dr. Claudia Camden Smith, Kurtaj is planning on returning to cybercrime as soon as possible, that’s what he told me when I last saw him. she said. Therefore, this is the only suitable decision to avoid future cyber risks. 

Some Interesting Details You Might Have Missed In GTA 6 Trailer

We saw a world jump to it as Rockstar Game launched the GTA 6 trailer. You must have also watched it and witnessed the amazing gameplay, storyline, and aesthetics. 

But we are sure you would have missed the subtle hints and details of the upcoming most anticipated open world game. Therefore, we are bringing these details to you, so keep reading. 

Bigger GTA 6 Map 

Although there is not any official list or hint about the locations of the game, we do know that the GTA 6 map will be huge. The Vice City that we are introduced to is one of many locations of the game as we have managed to extract some locations such as Kelly County, VCI, and Port VC. 

You will get numerous locations if you see the road signs in the trailer. Kelly County points out that the players will explore the outside the Vice City to the other locations of the State or Leonida, Keys, and small islands on the south side of the state. 

We have also spotted Port Gellhorn when two protagonists of the game speed away. 

More Vendors For Gear 

 Ammu-Nation is one of many options to get the gear now because we saw some new vendors get guns for the players. In one scene in the trailer, two shops,  Pawn & Guns and Gun Pawn Shop, can be seen next to each other. This means Ammu-Nation will get some competition if it is still the game. 

In another brief scene, a few more vendors can be seen such, as Kowalski, Callus, SKala, and Alpha. We do not know exactly what these shops are for but there are surely some additional shopping spots in GTA 6. 

Lots of Vehicles 

Yes, we expected a variety of vehicles in GTA 6 but what is packed in a 90-second trailer is huge. Rockstar has included almost every vehicle in the game. We spotted jumbo jets, speed boats, cars, jet skis, trucks, cargo ships, motorbikes, biplanes, and more. All these mechanics are going to bring a great deal of excitement and visual appeal. 

Recreation of Real-world Events

Remember, Florida man meme? We have spotted it in the GTA 6 trailer. It is actually great to see how much inspiration the game took from real-world events. The developers did a tremendous job recreating some of the viral events with impressive details. 

You can see the gator being pulled out of a pool, it’s a recreation of an event that happened back in 2021 when a man found a 9-foot alligator in his pool. Another incident was when a man decided to do naked yard work in the trailer along with a naked man running from the police. 

Social Media is a Thing

Several times in the GTA 6 trailer we saw live sessions on Instagram or TikTok-like platforms. The viral video clips shown in the trailer are watched through this platform. From revelers dancing on the yacht to or woman twerking on top of a car, the GTA 6 trailer truly depicted the modern world with its endless social media engagement. 

Hint of Three Factions

Gang wars, crimes, and cars are major themes of GTA, so it was always obvious there would be multiple factions to make the storyline more vast. We have glimpsed three factions in the trailer. 

There is a Thrillybilly Mud Club and High Rollerz Lifestyle. These two names are shown outright. The third faction appears to be a gang of cycle and ATV riders racing in packs while a new bulletin points out to a dirt bike gang terrorizing the dirt city. 

NPC with Advanced AI 

The GTA 6 trailer also reveals excellent NPC quality. It seems like the encounters in tha game will be more realistic than ever. In the beach shot in the trailer people can be seen engaged in activities such as putting on lotions, taking pictures, walking, and resting, so the NPC will be more active. 

The animal AI has also been improved with alligator scenes, bird infections, cats, dolphins, and seagulls all interacting with the environment in a realistic way.

GTA 6 Release Date: How Long It Gonna Take

After Gta 6 leaks, it was rumored that the game’s final launch might get delayed. Well, Rockstar Game developers not only denied these rumors but also sent many copyright strikes to remove the leaked clips. So, with endless efforts to protect their work, GTA developers finally managed to release a timely trailer, so we can expect a game launch as early as 2025. 

Yes, the most possible timeline for the release of GTA 6 is March of 2025, but an early or a little late release can also happen to confuse the potential hacker. Our fingers are crossed to see the events unfold!


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