Wotlk Engineering Guide: Leveling To 450

Profession is everything in World of Warcraft. You can make enough gold and impact the game with the right profession. When exploring professions, you will come across engineering, one of the most useful ones in Wow wotlk. However, leveling can be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with the finest recipes to make powerful arsenals in the game.

Therefore, In this Wotlk engineering leveling guide, we will explore some of the best and easiest-to-make recipes that do not require any intricate ingredients to level up from 1 to 450.

Materials Required In Wotlk Classic

Before proceeding to the recipes let’s talk about materials that are required. You will find many items across every zone of wotlk such as metals, ores, stones, and clothes.

Each material has its uniqueness and is a vital reagent in making gadgets. Engineering gadgets are one of the most expensive ones in the auction house and you will need these gadgets in PVPs, PVEs, or any combat you are having in Wotlk.

Therefore, making them yourself will help you make end-game content you can sell to other players. So without any further dew, Let’s look at some important materials.

Materials In Vanilla and TBS

⦁ Rough Stone
⦁ Copper Bar
⦁ Coarse Stone
⦁ Silver Bar
⦁ Heavy Stone
⦁ Bronze Bar
⦁ Gold Bar
⦁ Iron Bar
⦁ Steel Bar
⦁ Solid Stone
⦁ Mithril Bar
⦁ Mageweave Cloth
⦁ Dense Stone
⦁ Thorium Bar
⦁ Runecloth
⦁ Fel Iron Bar
⦁ Mote of Earth
⦁ Mote of Fire
⦁ Netherweave Cloth
⦁ Adamantite Bar

Materials In Wotlk

⦁ Cobalt Bar
⦁ Crystalline Water
⦁ Saronite Bar
⦁ Eternal Air
⦁ Eternal Shadow
⦁ Eternal Water
⦁ Eternal Fire

Wotlk Engineering Guide: Leveling In Azeroth

Azeroth comprises the first 1-300 levels in the WoW, if you are new to the game you will need to play from the beginning to reach the Wotlk. Following are the items engineers can craft to skill up in Azeroth.

⦁ 1-40: 60xRough Blasting Powder with 60x Rough Stone
⦁ 40-50: Handful of Copper Bolts with 1x Copper bar
⦁ 50: Arclight Spanner with 6x Copper Bar
⦁ 51-65: Copper tube with 2x Copper Bar and 1x Weak Flux
⦁ 65-75: Rough Boomstick with 1x Copper Tube, 1x Handful of Copper Bolts, and 1x Wooden Stock
⦁ 75-95: Coarse Blasting Powder with 1x Coarse Stone
⦁ 95-125: Silver Contact with 1x Silver Bar
⦁ 125-145: Heavy Blasting Powder with 1x Heavy Stone
⦁ 145-150: Big Bronze Bomb with 2x Heavy Blasting Powder, 3x Bronze Bar, 1x Silver Contact
⦁ 150-170: Golden Power Core with 1x Gold Bar
⦁ 170-175: Gyrochronatom with 1x Iron Bar and 1x Gold Power Core
⦁ 175: Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor with 4x Steel Bar
⦁ 176-195: Solid Blastic Powder with 2x Solid Stone
⦁ 195-200: Mithril Tube with 3x Mithril Bar
⦁ 200-210: Unstable Trigger with 1x Mithril Bar, Mageweave Cloth, and Solid Blasting Powder
⦁ 210-225: Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs with 1x Mithril Bar and Solid Blastic Powder
⦁ 225-235: Mithril casing with 3x Mithril Bar
⦁ 235-245: Hi-Explosive Bomb with 2x Mithril Casing, 1x Unstable Trigger, and 2x Solid Blasting Powder
⦁ 245-250: Mithril Gyro Shot with 2x Mithril Bar and Solid Blasting Powder
⦁ 250-260: Dense Blasting Powder with 2x Dense Stone
⦁ 260-285: Thorium Widget with 3x Thorium Bar and 1x RuneCloth
⦁ 285-300: Thorium Shell with 1x Thorium Bar and 1x Dense Blasting Powder

Apprentice and Artisan Training

Making these recipes requires trainers. You can find an apprentice and artisan engineering trainer in the capital cities. You can pick engineering training options in the professions section when you are in the major cities.

Also, you ask city guards for the direction of the trainers. Once you get a marked location of the trainer in the zone, you can easily find them to learn the recipes mentioned previously.

Engineering Guide Wotlk: Leveling in Outland

Now that you have completed the skill ups of Azeroth you can enter Outland which will take you from level 300-350. Here, you can make the following items.
⦁ 300-310: 30x Handful of Iron Bolts with 1x Fel Iron Bar
⦁ 310-320: 40x Elemental Blasting Powder and 5x Fel Iron Casing with 1x Mote of Fire, 2x Mote of Earth, and 3x Fel Iron Bar
⦁ 320-325: Fel iron Bomb with 1x Fel iron Casin, 2x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, and 1x Elemental Blasting Powder
⦁ 325-335: Adamantite Grenade with 4x Adamantite Bar, 2x Handful of Fel Iron and 1x Elemental Blasting Powder
⦁ 335-350: White Smoke Flare with 1x Netherweave Cloth and 1x Elemental Blasting Powder

Master Training

In Outland, you can learn to make recipes from master trainers. The master trainer will allow you to train up to engineering level 375 then you can enter Northrend and level up further.

Engineering Guide Wotlk: Leveling in Northrend

Grandmaster Training

Grandmaster trainer in Northrend only trains past level 375. You can find trainers mentioned below and maximize your engineering skill to the ultimate level 450.

Alliance Trainer:

Sock Brightbolt in Borean Tundra
Tisha Longbridge in Howling Fjord

Horde Trainer:

Chief Engineer Leveny in Borean Tundra
Jamesina Watterly in Howling Fjord

Neutral Trainer

Timeofey Oshenko in Dalaran City
Once you get the necessary training, you can make the end-game content as shown below.
350-375: Volatile Blasting Trigger with 3x Cobalt Bar, and 1x Crystallized Water + handful of Cobalt with 2x Cobalt Bar.
375-385: Overcharged capacitor with 4x Cobalt Bar and 1x Crystallized Earth
385-390: Explosive Decoy with 1x Frostweave Cloth and 3x Volatile Blasting Trigger
390-405: Froststeel Tube with 8x Cobalt Bar and 1x Crystallized water
400-405: Diamond-cut Refractor Scope with 1x Froststeel Tube and 2xHandful of Cobalt Bolts
405-410: Box of Bombs with 5x Saronite Bar and 1x Volatile Blasting Trigger
410-415: Mammoth Cutters with 1x Saronite Bar and 1x Volatile Blasting Trigger
415-425: Saronite Razorheads with 2x Saronite Bar
425-426: MOLL-E with 8x Saronite Bar and 8x Eternal Air
426-435: Noise Machine with 2x Froststeel Tube, 2x Overcharged Capacitor, and 2x Handful of Cobalt Bolts
435-449: Gnomish Army Knife with 10x Saronite Bar,1x Skinning Knife,1x Mining Pick, and 1x Blacksmith Hammer
449-450: Wormhole Generator (Northrend) with 8x Titanium Bar, 2x Eternal Shadow, Eternal Water, Fire, and Air.

Best Engineering Pair in Wotlk

In wotlk classic, a player can assume two primary professions. So, if you are going with engineering, make sure to pair it with mining.

Mining is a gathering profession and we have its whole overview in our other article. Mining provides engineers with raw materials such as metal and ore to craft arsenals.

As these materials are very expensive in auction houses, it’s only wise to mine and craft together so that you can survive the game and make the gold by selling the crafted items to other players. Most wotlk players on wow forums go with the same strategy. You can also sell metal and ores because they tend to be very expensive in auctions.

Engineering Specializations In Wotlk

There are two engineering specializations in Wrath of the Lich King. Gnomish Engineering and Goblin Engineering. Both are almost similar except if you are a melee player, you can take advantage of the Global Thermal Sapper Charger of Goblin Engineering.

To become a Gnomish Engineer, you must complete the quest Show Your Work. You need to turn in:
⦁ 6x Mithril Tube
⦁ 1x Accurate Scope
⦁ 2x Advanced Target Dummy

The most notable Gnomish Items are Gnomish X-ray Specs and Iceblade Arrow. These items are fun rather than deadly so you can expect no real contribution in combat.

To become a Goblin Engineer, you also have to complete the quest Show Your Work and turn in:
⦁ 20x Big Iron Bomb
⦁ 20x Solid Dynamite
⦁ 5x Explosive Sheep

Goblin engineering items Global Thermal Sapper Charge and Shatter Rounds can make a real impact in combat because they focus on explosives to inflict damage.


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